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Dry Vacuum Pressure Impregnated Transformers

Dry Vacuum Pressure Impregnated Transformers

Urja Techniques is a leading manufacturer of solar converter duty transformer and variety of transformers such as earthing transformer, furnace transformer, reactor transformer, compact sub stations and dry type transformers. The company has unique testing facilities as per IS,IEC and ANSI Standards, accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 by Moody International for design, manufacture and marketing of energy efficient transformers.

Urja Techniques (India) Pvt Ltd is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality products and services. The company has a team of experienced engineers and technicians who are dedicated to providing its customers with the best quality solutions. Urja Techniques offers a wide range of after sales services to ensure that it's customers are satisfied with their products.

A Dry Vacuum Pressure Impregnated (DVPI) transformer is a type of dry type transformer that is used for electrical power distribution and voltage regulation. These transformers are designed to be more environmentally friendly, safer and more reliable compared to traditional oil filled transformers.

The DVPI process is a method used to enhance the insulation properties and increase the durability of the transformer. In a DVPI transformer, the winding which is typically made of copper or aluminum, is insulated using high quality insulating materials and other temperature resistant materials.

VPI transformers are ideal for use in a variety of applications as below:
1. Solar power systems.
2. Industrial applications.
3. Commercial applications.
4. Military applications.

The DVPI process involves a few key steps:
1.Drying: The transformer winding and core are thoroughly dried in a vacuum oven to remove any moisture or impurities.

2.Impregnation: The dried transformer is placed in a vacuum chamber and a liquid insulating compound such as epoxy or polyester resin is introduced into the chamber. The vacuum ensures that the insulating compound penetrates deeply into the winding, filling any gaps or voids.

3.Curing: The impregnated transformer is then heated, causing the insulating compound to solidify and create a strong, durable bond between the winding and insulation material. This enhances the thermal and electrical properties of the transformers.

Advantages of Dry Vacuum Pressure Impregnated Transformers:
1.Increased efficiency: VPI transformers are more efficient which can save money on energy costs.

2.Improved reliability: The reliability of VPI transformers as compared to oil filled transformers is much higher and is in its progressive stage which can help to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

3.Increased durability: These type of transformers are more durable which can help to extend the productive life of the transformer.

4.Reduced maintenance: These transformers require less maintenance which can save money on labor costs.

5.Environment friendly: Such transformers do not contain any harmful fluids which makes them more environmentally friendly.

Why Choose us:
Urja Techniques is the leading manufacturer of dry vacuum pressure impregnated transformers in India. The company has a wide range of products to meet the needs of its customers and its products are backed by a comprehensive range and warranty. We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products and services.As a team of experienced engineers and technicians, we are always available to provide the required solutions and provide assistance to our valued clients.


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