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Dry CRT Transformers

Dry CRT Transformers

When it comes to power transmission and distribution industry, Urja Techniques emerges as a leader. We aspire to become a global leader in the manufacturing and supplying of electrical products having a specialty in supplying diverse range of transformers. The modern and futuristic facilities combined with our skilled workforce, ensure that we fabricate and supply best quality transformers to our valuable customers. Keeping ourselves updated with the latest changes and trends prevalent in the industry is one of the foremost thing we follow vigorously. We map out our production schedule in a manner that we are ready with the final output much ahead of our deliverable time.

These transformers employ a unique insulation system, utilizing vacuum pressure retention techniques and high quality epoxy resin to enclose the windings. This design ensures a compact and lightweight solution while offering excellent protection against adverse environmental conditions and mechanical stress. Dry CRT Transformers cater to a wide array of applications including industrial, commercial and renewable energy sectors, offering a versatile and eco-friendly solution for modern power distribution challenges. Dry CRT (Cast Resin) Transformers are the peak of transformer technology, designed to provide remarkable efficiency and reliability.

1.A superior robust and reliable insulation system can be guaranteed due to the vacuum pressure retention and epoxy resin.
2.These type of transformers are suitable for high risk environments due to the self extinguishing properties of the epoxy resin which can minimize fire hazards.
3.The maintenance and other associated costs are lowered owing to the absence of oil and other hazardous materials.
4.The compact design of the transformers require minimum space making these machines suitable for installations with space constraints.
5.These transformers are environment friendly as no hazardous substance is utilized in the manufacturing of the same.

1.Increased reliability: Their advanced insulation system ensures long lasting performance and reduced downtime.
2.Enhanced safety: The fire resistant properties of the epoxy resin minimize the risk of fire related incidents. 3.Cost effective: Low maintenance requirements and reduced energy losses contribute to long term cost savings. 4.Easy installation: The compact and lightweight design facilitates seamless integration into existing infrastructure. 5.Eco-conscious: The absence of hazardous materials underlines our commitment to a greener future.

Why Choose us:
Urja Techniques is a trusted partner for businesses seeking unparalleled quality and performance in power transmission and distribution solutions. Our expertise in manufacturing Dry CRT Transformers, combined with our dedication to excellence, ensures that our customers receive progressive, reliable and cost effective products.

We pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, taking the time to understand your unique needs and delivering customized solutions accordingly. Our adherence to international standards and eco friendly practices makes us a responsible choice for the discerning client. By choosing Urja Techniques as your supplier, you invest in not only top-tier transformer technology but also a long-term partnership that fosters growth and innovation.


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