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Compact Sub Station

Established as a leading industry , Urja Techniques (India) P.Ltd. is an eminent manufacturer of different types of transformers, specializing in a diverse range of innovative solutions. Our offerings include solar converter duty transformers, earthing transformers, furnace transformers, reactor transformers, compact sub-stations and dry type transformers. With the execution of most modern and advanced technology,our products exemplify energy efficiency and adhere to the stringent guidelines of IS, IEC, and ANSI Standards.

Urja Techniques (India) P.Ltd. has been recognized for commitment towards excellence, having received the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 accreditation's from Moody International for our design, manufacturing and marketing processes. Our futuristic testing facilities ensure that each transformer meets the highest standards of performance and safety, enabling us to consistently provide unmatched quality to our clients.

A Compact Substation (CSS) is a revolutionary solution for electrical power distribution, designed to provide superior performance in a compact and versatile package. This innovative product integrates a transformer, a medium voltage switch gear and a low voltage distribution panel into a single unit, enabling seamless power distribution in industrial, commercial and residential applications.

The CSS is engineered for optimal efficiency, utilizing advanced materials and contemporary technology to ensure consistent power output, reliability and safety. Its compact design allows for easy installation and maintenance, making it the ideal choice for space constrainedenvironments including on the ground, on rooftops and in basements. Furthermore, with the ease of customization, it can precisely meet the unique demands of various industries and applications.

1.Space saving design: The substation consolidates multiple components into a single unit, optimizing space usage and reducing installation complexity.
2.Enhanced safety: The CSS incorporates advanced safety features, including arc fault protection, surge protection devices and an enclosed, tamper proof design.
3.Customization: Available in various configurations, this product can be tailored to meet specific application requirements.
4.Easy maintenance: The modular design simplifies maintenance, minimizing downtime and associated costs.
5.Energy efficiency: This equipment optimizes energy usage, reducing operating costs and promoting environmental sustainability.

Advantages :
1.Streamlined installation: The outline of the device simplifies installation, reducing time and labor costs.
2.Cost effective: The sub station offers a lower total cost of ownership due to its energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and reduced origination costs.
3.Enhanced reliability: The rigid construction and advanced components ensure consistent, high quality power distribution.
4.Upgraded attributes: The pattern of the device and the fused qualities reduce the risk of accidents and electrical hazards.
5.Adaptability: The adaptability of the equipment makes it suitable for a wide range of applications including industrial, commercial and residential settings.

Why Choose us:
Some of the reasons why you should choose Furnace Transformers:
1. Urja Techniques is a key manufacturer of compact substations with a proven track record of quality and customer satisfaction.
2. We offer a comprehensive range of services including design, setting up and maintenance, to ensure that customers get the best quality products and services from our end.
3. We have maintained the practice of keeping transparency in our business approach. Our policies and terms are customer centric and we believe in sustaining cordial relationships with our clients.
4. Our range of services are cost effective and economical from the point of view of our valuable clients.
5.We make it a point to conclude our schedule of delivering the products and services to our clients well before the pre determined time so that our customers remain satisfied and stay with us for a prolonged period.


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